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Crack Repairer Cream

Crack Repairer Cream

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  1. Product Name: Crack Repairer Cream
  2. Product Type - Cream
  3. Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1
  4. Weight: 400gram
  5. LBH -?  18*8*5

 Description - Product Introduction: Crack Repairer The product should be built at 5-35 �C. This product can automatically flow into the depths of cracks, with high elasticity, crack resistance, frost resistance and sunlight resistance, and strong adhesion. The construction is simple. After opening the product package, it can be automatically leveled by extruding directly to the crack. Different from ordinary water-based waterproof coatings, this product can penetrate deep into the root of cracks and completely solve the problem of water leakage.

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