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Weight - 300g

Enhanced Durability: ACRALIC SEELAN PROOF provides an additional layer of strength to cement mortar, improving the overall durability of concrete and steel structures.

Superior Waterproofing: The compound forms an impermeable film that effectively prevents water seepage, protecting structures from moisture-related damage.

Chemical and Abrasion Resistance: Offers exceptional resistance to chemicals and physical wear, extending the life of treated surfaces.

Leak and Dampness Prevention: Ideal for addressing unidentified sources of seepage and dampness in walls, preventing moisture-related issues and damage.

Roof Repairs and Waterproofing: Can be used to create impermeable terrace gardens on roofs or repair leaking roofs, ensuring a dry and durable surface.

Bathroom and Kitchen: Perfect for sealing tile joints in bathrooms and kitchens, protecting these high-moisture areas from water damage.

Prevents Salt Penetration and Efflorescence: Protects against salt damage and the unsightly appearance of efflorescence, maintaining the aesthetic quality of structures.

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